Our vision/mission


Primary school 't Startblok is part of SKPO. The foundation forms a recognizable group of schools for primary education with a common ambition and shared values.

We see it as our social task to provide promising education for all our students.

We give every student every opportunity to develop and offer as much as possible, suitable and home-close education.

In addition to attention to cognitive development, we also focus on personal development. We set up a rich learning environment both inside and outside the (m)hours of the school. We have high expectations of our students and each other. We assume everyone's talents and possibilities and offer all students a broad basis for taking their next step in society.

In fulfilling this assignment, we currently focus on three focus points in particular: challenging in innovative education, global citizenship and sustainability.

Core values

When shaping our education, we act on the basis of our core values:


Developing yourself is a process of setting goals, learning and reflecting. Based on enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation, we learn to use your talents and possibilities. We help you do it yourself. Being curious and daring to make mistakes helps with learning. By creating a rich and challenging learning environment, we encourage you to develop optimally.


We think it's important that you learn to have confidence in what you can do and who you are; You are good as you are. Sometimes things go against you and you might learn the most from that.


Responsibility and trust go hand in hand. We give you confidence and responsibility so that you can develop ownership. You learn to take responsibility, for yourself and for others. By approaching the other person with confidence, you show respect and you think in terms of opportunities and possibilities.


Working together and learning together is a matter of course for us. We are open to everyone and treat each other with respect. By using the power of diversity, meaningful connections are created.


Rest and structure help you to learn. In addition, clear agreements and rules of conduct help you know what to expect and what is expected of you. This makes our school a pleasant and safe place where you can fully develop.