School participation

Participation Council

Every school has a Participation Council (MR) in which parents and staff discuss important topics of the school. The board attaches great value to a well-functioning council, because this creates broad support for all decisions that the board and/or the school have to take.

Important decisions of the school require the approval of this council, such as the school plan, the care plan, the budget, all rules in the field of safety and health, the admission policy, important educational innovations within the school, the task policy, etc. The meetings of the MR are public and take place 6 times a year. The reports can be found on our website. If you would like more information, please contact the MR members.

Gwenny Moonen

Hello, my name is Gwenny Moonen and I am the mother of Demi and Else. In daily life I am an independent entrepreneur and I provide corporate legal advice to (small) entrepreneurs. I joined the MR to be even more involved with the school where our children enjoy going every day. Moreover, I am interested in the multifaceted subjects that are discussed in the MR. In addition, I think it is important that parents have a voice when it comes to important decisions of (and about) the school.

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Eric Cuijpers

My name is Eric Cuijpers and I am Saar's father. I am married to Suzanne and I live in Eindhoven. In daily life I work as a facility employee at primary school Wethouder van Eupen (SKPO) in Eindhoven.

I am chairman of the MR and am also a representative of 't Startblok in the GMR. I am taking a seat in the MR because I think it is important that parents should also have a say in the course of events inside and outside the school.

Because of my work I can never participate in other activities at school. By participating in the MR I still maintain a feeling for the school and the parents.

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Cynthia Schmeetz

My name is Cynthia Schmeetz, mother of Lieke Verbeek.

Together with my friend Robin Verbeek we are a composite family with 5 children.

In daily life I work as an Operational Buyer at NTS in Eindhoven.

I am on the MR to be more involved with the school, and to help ensure that the wishes of the school and the parents are well aligned.

If you have any questions, you can always ask!

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Leo Verhoeks

My name is Leo Verhoeks, father of Suze. Our two eldest daughters (Hannah and Elin) have now completed their Startblok period and are in secondary school. I am married to Leonie.

I work at Enexis as an ICT Manager. Enexis is the regional grid operator for gas and electricity in a large part of the Netherlands, including Eindhoven. I am part of the MR to be able to do just that little bit more for the school where my children start. In addition, I think it is important that the wishes of the parents can also be taken into account in important decisions at school in this way.

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The Joint Participation Council (GMR)

The participation councils of the various SKPO schools are represented in the joint participation council (GMR). The GMR is the consultation body of the SKPO organisation. One member has a seat on the GMR on behalf of each school.

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