Basisschool 't Startblok

Welcome to 't Startblok! 

't Startblok is a medium-sized school in the Hanevoet district, located in the Gestel district. Our mixed population is a reflection of society. The school is located on the edge of a large lawn and has a spacious, green and attractively designed outdoor playground where the children can play, exercise and relax. 

On the outside of the building you can see that the school dates from 1973, but once inside you enter an attractive, richly decorated and challenging learning environment that encourages children to play, learn, discover and undertake together. 

Our team consists of a nice mix of young and more experienced teachers, men and women. Together they ensure that your child has a good primary school time. 

Good, attractive and contemporary education 

We strive for optimal learning outcomes for every child. We achieve this by creating a pleasant atmosphere, a good pedagogical climate, differentiating in approach and teaching material, but above all through good teaching! 

We also attach great importance to a calm working climate, fixed structures and clear rules and agreements. This gives something to hold on to and the children experience that as pleasant. Within the clear agreements and boundaries, we offer the children space and responsibility and we make them (joint) owners of learning. 

This is what we offer

  • Good education and good student care
  • Structure and tranquility
  • A pleasant atmosphere
  • Good offer in the field of creativity, culture, science and technology
  • Teachers of gymnastics and music
  • Aspiring Brainport School
  • Active and challenging
  • lunchtime and after-school offerings