Quality assurance from SKPO

SKPO is an ambitious organization. We have faith in children and in each other and work from a collective ambition. We stand for an open dialogue, both internally and externally. This requires an intention that is widely shared and propagated, a basis that is in order and sometimes a bit of courage. 

For us, a radiant child who has visible pleasure in learning is proof that our education is of high quality.

SKPO has a professional culture:

  • In everything we do, we wonder whether this contributes to achieving our ambition: "Every child has the right to good education.";
  • For us, a professional culture means: to have our ambition clear, to be able to communicate this and to make choices in that light;
  • The ambition of SKPO is therefore visible in all layers of the organization.

10 quality indicators

Every school presents its school development annually on the basis of 10 quality indicators. These are derived from our ambitions in the field of pupils, staff, partners and organization. The indicators provide us with valuable information to continuously engage in dialogue with each other about high-quality education and the own development that the school is making strong. 't Startblok handles 12 quality indicators.

If you want to read more about this, we would like to refer you to the website of the School Board, www.skpo.nl.

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