School board SKPO

Primary school 't Startblok falls under the competent authority of SKPO. SKPO has four broad primary schools in Son en Breugel, the other schools are located in Eindhoven. The schools located in Eindhoven are part of a SPIL center or are an Integral Child Center.


Our schools co-operate with the childcare partner on the ongoing development of children from 0 to 12. Of the SKPO schools, 33 schools focus on regular primary education, 2 schools offer special primary education. In addition, SKPO has "De Wereldwijzer", a primary school for newcomers. This school focuses on children of parents who just recently live in the Netherlands and are not equipped to make themselves understood in the Dutch language.

Recognizable group of schools

The schools of the SKPO are more than an administrative unit. We form a recognizable group of schools for primary education with a shared ambition and shared values. Our ambition is elaborated in objectives for pupils, staff, partners and organization and gives direction to our actions. We find it important that our goals and motivations are visible throughout the organization. From our like-minded basic attitude we are connected to each other and we reinforce each other.

Every child has the right to good education

We make every effort to guide the children who visit our schools as optimally as possible to their future. Every child has the right to good education. Sometimes children need something extra. We make our education suitable for every child every day, so that they take responsibility and take responsibility for a good future. We do this with passionate professionals and in collaboration with partners. We work from our core values: development, individuality, responsibility and connection. The way in which an individual school realizes this ambition will be different.

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