Participation Council

Every school has a Participation Council (MR) in which parents and staff discuss important topics of the school. The board attaches great value to a well-functioning board, because it creates a broad basis for all decisions that the board and / or school must take.

Important decisions of the school require the approval of this board, such as the school plan, the care plan, the budget, all rules in the area of safety and health, the admission policy, important educational innovations within the school, the task policy, etc. The meetings of the MR are public and take place 6 times a year. You can find the reports on our website. If you want more information, please contact the MR members.

The Joint Participation Council (GMR)

The Participation Councils of the various SKPO schools are represented in the Joint Participation Council (GMR). The GMR is the consultation body of the SKPO organization. One member sits on the GMR on behalf of each school.

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