Complaints regulation

Despite the fact that all those involved around school do their best, it can happen that someone is not satisfied and wants to make a complaint. 

You can contact the group teacher or the management in at first. Naturally, situations are conceivable in which this is not possible, for example in the case of complaints unwanted intimacies, sexual harassment or when there are seriously disturbed relationships.

In order to be able to guarantee fair treatment of the complaint in such cases as well, the SKPO has a complaints procedure applicable to all schools. The arrangement can be found on the website of the SKPO.

There is a counselor at our school, Niels Geurts, a teacher of group 8. He acts as the first point of contact for signals and complaints, if you can not turn to the group teacher or board with your complaint.

Confidential counselor

In case of serious complaints, the confidential adviser refers to an external confidential adviser appointed by the board:

Mrs. Irene Kersten
M: 06 - 11 39 69 01

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