Primary school 't Startblok is located in residential area Hanevoet, district Gestel. Currently our school has about 250 students divided over 12 groups. The school was built in 1973, renovated in 2007 and adapted to the requirements of this time.

The schoolyard is spacious and consists of two parts that are connected: a part for groups 1 and 2 and a part for groups 3 to 8. The many green areas, the paths between the wild flower beds, the sitting areas on the tree trunks and the fruit and vegetable garden ensure that the square has a cozy and natural look. Children can play to their heart's content and learn to play!

Our team consists of 23 staff members, including 1 administrative assistant, 2 (part-time) janitors and an ICT employee.

Executive & Management Team

The management team consists of:

  • Petri Geven, coordinator group 1-4 (substructure);
  • Niels Geurts, coordinator group 5-8 (superstructure);
  • Hanneke Reemers, internal supervisor group 1-2;
  • Mirjam Janssen-Derks, internal supervisor group 3-8, observer in the absence of the managing director
  • Yvette Luyten, managing director

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