Quality of education

We chart the revenue and school development annually on the basis of indicators. These are derived from our ambitions in the area of education, personnel and partnership. As a result, school development is viewed from an integral character.

The 12 indicators of the SKPO are:

Pupil - Education for the future

  • The cognitive end yields and intermediate yields of the school for the disciplines reading comprehension, technical reading and mathematics.
  • The socio-emotional returns of the school, where we look at self-confidence, well-being and safety experience of the pupils.
  • The focus on broad development, such as talent development, design and research learning in the school.
  • The pupil number of interim outflow per school year and the market share of the school in the neighborhood.
  • The number of pupils who have completed secondary education after three years in accordance with the primary school recommendation.

Personnel - Craftsmanship on the move

  • Average absenteeism and staff absenteeism frequency.
  • Satisfaction of the staff.
  • Attention to the development of the staff.
  • The functioning of the school director. Partnership – Together we achieve more.
  • Satisfaction of parents.
  • Attention to the involvement of parents, such as participation and educational partnership.
  • Satisfaction of partners (e.g. SPIL partners).

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