Transition to secondary education

Parents of children in groups 7 and 8 receive information at the start of the school year about all matters that are important for the school choice with regard to secondary education.

In group 7 a guiding advice meeting is held with children and parents. In group 8 a definitive advice for secondary education is planned. The advice comes about during a discussion between the teachers of group 7 and 8, internal supervisor and the director.

Principles for determining the advice are:

  • orienting conversations with the pupil;
  • results during the school career;
  • the learning attitude;
  • work pace, independence and accuracy;
  • motivation, well-being and self-confidence of the pupil.

The applications for secondary education take place in the months of February / March. After registration the school coordinator of secondary education contacts the teacher of group 8 for a good transfer.

The results of our education / Cito

The Central Final Test will be held on April 16th, 17th and 18th, 2019. The results will be compared with schools with the same population. The table below shows the results of the Final Test of the past years, always based on the scale 500-550.

School year

Cito scores ‘t Startblok

National average










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