Pupil tracking system

We follow the development of the children through the ParnasSys pupil tracking system. This system shows, among other things, the results of Cito tests and method tests of knowledge skills such as math, language, reading comprehension and spelling.

In groups 1 and 2 all development areas of the children are also monitored by means of the observation system KIJK! The socio-emotional development of the pupils in groups 3 to 8 is followed by the student tracking system ZIEN! Twice a year a questionnaire is completed by the teachers of groups 3 to 8 and from group 5 the students fill in a questionnaire. The teacher and internal supervisor then discuss the results. If necessary, an action plan will be drawn up.

Twice a year (in February and in September), team, internal supervisors and management make an analysis of the yields of the Cito tests. We look at the revenues, possible explanations for this and possible actions for the period that follows.

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