School team

The school team consists of management, management team, teaching staff and educational support staff. 


The MT (management team) consists of the managing director, internal supervisors and construction coordinators.

Group teachers

The group teacher is responsible for teaching in the classroom. He / she is the first point of contact for the parents about the progress and well-being of the children.

Internal supervisors

Pupil care occupies an important place in our school and works closely with the teachers.

Construction Coordinators

The construction coordinators direct a number of groups within the construction in which they work.

Educational support staff

  • Janitors
  • Administrative assistant
  • IT employee

Company emergency responders

Each school is obliged to train a number of colleagues as emergency response officers (company emergency responders). The ER officers are responsible for first aid for accidents and for evacuating the school in case of calamities. Our ER officers are: Niels Geurts, Suzanne van Laarhoven, Hanneke Reemers and Esmee Dinkla.

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